FAQ: Employment Screening, Background Checks & Mistaken Identity


We here at JDP are continuing to answer some of your common questions about the employment screening process!  Here is one we get often:

What happens if you find somebody else with the same name as me when researching for a background check?

Many job seekers often get nervous during a background check even if they have nothing to hide.  Many think that background screenings might turn up the misdeeds of others despite their own personally spotless records.

Don’t worry: most reputable employment screening companies will take into account that many persons can share the same name.

Your name is only the first piece of information used when conducting a background check.  Background reports are matched against other identifying information such as your current and previous addresses, as well as your Social Security number. A reputable employment screening firm will not present a report to your employer unless they are relatively certain that the information they are providing pertains to you and you alone.

If you are the victim of identity theft, this may cause some issues during the screening process.  Because identity thieves can be insidious and link their frauds with your social security number, credit report, and other biographical information, these issues may turn up in your background screening. That is why if you know that your identity had been stolen, let your potential employer know this as soon as possible so that their screening company can be on the lookout for misinformation.  And if you did not previously know your identity has been stolen, a background screening company might be able to point out this danger and may even begin to help you clear it up!

However, if you are using someone else’s identity to pass a background screening, know that a thorough background check may expose this fraud.  A background check can highlight discrepancies in residences, uncover suspicious work histories, and more!

Have you ever been a victim of mistaken identity during the hiring process? Contact us!

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