FAQ: How can I be sure that a background check is accurate?

We are answering some Frequently Asked Questions about the employment screening process so you can get a better handle on what to expect during the hiring process.  We here at JDP want you to feel comfortable, secure and informed about employment screening by tackling some everyday questions that we hear often.  Today’s question is:

How can I be sure that a background check is accurate?

For the employer, the best way to ensure a background check is accurate is to hire a reputable screening service.  An employment screening service will be sure to take the time and focus needed to double check the products of a thorough background screening.  A background screening service will ask for multiple identifiers including names (legal names as well as aliases and maiden names), previous addresses, date of birth and social security information.  A reputable screening company will be skeptical of any information where these identifiers do not match.   This way your service can quickly point out what pieces of information are trustworthy and what needs to be viewed with a more discerning eye.

For the job seeker, you can help out the screening process by double checking that all information on your resume and application forms is accurate and consistent.  An employer must also get your written consent before running a background check so you will be aware that your record is being looked into.  After your background check you will be allowed by law to review the results to discover or correct any discrepancies or misinformation that might have been uncovered.  This is also your opportunity to explain and add context to any accurate red flags that might be attached to your portfolio.  Don’t worry!  Most employers are willing to hear you out, especially if other aspects of your resume recommend you highly.

If you are worried about what might be in your background check, you too can approach a screening service to run a proactive background or credit check on yourself.  This way you can know what they know as well as review and troubleshoot the results before it ever reaches and employer’s eyes!

Do you have any questions you would like to ask us about background checks or the employment screening process? Contact us!

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