FAQ: “Will My Husband’s Criminal Record Show Up On My Employment Background Check?”

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Here at JDP, we encounter many common questions for those looking to navigate the waters of pre employment screening.  To help you on your employment journey, we’ve decided to answer a few Frequently Asked Questions that have come our way.  First up:

“Will my husband’s criminal record show up on my employment background check?”

Yes, it might.

There are a variety of different levels of research that can go into a background check during the hiring process.  If you provided your and your spouse’s Social Security numbers in your application, your employer may have the ability to investigate the criminal background of your spouse.  Careers that involve special clearances and jobs that handle confidential material may be especially eager to do such a thorough check into your spouse’s history.

But don’t be too worried.  Many employers are not interested in your spouse’s history or will give you a chance to explain away any issues during an interview or follow up call.

Credit history may also be intertwined with your spouse’s.  Debts and loans that accrue before and within a marriage can have an impact on a spouse’s credit score.  If your employer or landlord is running a credit history, you may find that your financial history is impacted as well.  A thorough report from a screening service should show where and when such debts accrued.  But if you are applying to rent a property with the intent of hiding your spouse’s credit history, you may find you are not in luck.

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