School District Removes Council Member After Discovering Prostitution Convictions

School discovers council member's prostitution conviction records

School District Removes Council Member After Discovering Prostitution Convictions

December 07, 2023

A Texas school district recently removed a mother from her position on the District’s School Health Advisory Council. The council makes recommendations for an age-appropriate curriculum for human sexuality instruction. She also participated in the Parent Teacher Association, the Athletic Booster Club, and the Community Engagement Committee. Due to recent discoveries, she no longer has roles in these programs.

According to officials, she had prostitution convictions and escort records. She also had scantily clad images of herself posted online with statements like “[a] true girl next door.” Initially, the school district did not know about her life and background. It did not come to light until parents discovered the mother’s activities due to her claims of running several businesses. According to these parents, she never supplied information about her endeavors, rousing suspicion from the parents.

The Discovery

One parent looked up her email address and discovered the escort services. Further investigation by the parents uncovered several well-reviewed profiles. These profiles warned that clients who fail to appear in appointments must pay a $3,000 penalty. She also claimed to have a permanent in-call in Dallas, only minutes from downtown. 

As the parents researched the thirty-eight-year-old mother, they discovered two separate prostitution convictions. The first happened in 2012, and the second in 2016. However, the judge in 2016 signed an injunction concerning a ban for specific children. This injunction prohibited children from entering her residence due to her reputation as a prostitute.

Legality in Texas

Prostitution is not legal in Texas; however, escorts may sell their time and companionship. The parents thought the mother’s convictions were sufficient to prevent her from working with children in the school district. As a result, the school district announced that it removed her from all her positions. However, a representative claimed they had conducted a background check before appointing her.

One spokesperson also claimed that the school district never officially appointed the mother to the Student Health Advisory Council. However, video content proved she actively participated in the council’s meetings. Furthermore, the district’s website listed her as a committee member. The spokesperson acknowledged these claims and argued that it happened by mistake. The school district then emphasized that it would never knowingly allow individuals with certain convictions to volunteer or become staff members.

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