What You Need To Know About Background Checks Before Working Abroad

Working Abroad Background Checks

As the world becomes more and more connected in the digital age, it’s also becoming easier for employers to access records from other countries. If you’re working abroad, there are a few things to remember about the international atmosphere of background employment screening. Every country has its own policies when it comes to pre-employee screening and the privacy rights of employees. So, before you apply to any foreign jobs make sure you research the local and national privacy policies. While many countries don’t have regulations as strict or as concrete as the U.S. when it comes to background checks, it’s better to be aware than have regrets later.

Criminal Records

Different countries have different methods for maintaining criminal records. Criminal records could be organized based on numerous factors such as severity of crime. They could also be stored at a local, state or national level. Many places, however, don’t have the same level of transparency that the U.S. does when it comes to public access of criminal records. For example, in Germany the employer can only inquire into the criminal background of an employee if it’s directly related to the work. So, if an employer were hiring someone as a driver they could access their traffic offenses but that’s it.

Drug Testing

In the United Kingdom, employers can request that you conduct a drug test. You don’t have to consent to the drug test. Legally, employees are allowed to refuse the test. And even if you consent to the test and the results are positive, you can challenge the employer if they don’t hire you based on those results. Because of the various regulations among different nations, the International Labor Organization released a set of guidelines for employers to follow when screening their employees. Essentially, the guidelines dictate that both parties should be aware of the policy if the employer wants to drug test and that the consequences should also be made clear to the employee if they fail the test.

International work experience will look great on your resume. It’s also an effective way to acquire worldly experiences while earning money. You can make memories in amazing places while earning money and valuable job experience at the same time.

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