COVID Vaccination
Management System (VMS)


Return to Work with Confidence


Upload a Picture of a Vaccine Card

Take a picture of the front and back of a valid COVID-19
Vaccination Card and upload to JDP’s Vaccination
Management System (VMS)


JDP Verifies* Vaccine Card Validity

JDP reviews each vaccine card and compares it against provided information to ensure a match and detect any anomalies.

* Optional vaccination card validation service


Credential is issued as a link and QR code

Simply click or scan to verify if a vaccation claim is valid.

No app necessary.

Scan this QR code with your
phone’s camera to see a sample validation.


Compliance Has Never Been So Easy

Simple, Trackable, and Portable



Program Administration and Compliance Enforcement

Program administrators have access to vaccination tracking and status at any time.


Proof of Compliance for Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind

Easily demonstrate proof of vaccination status. Our QR Code-based system is a portable and transparent method to allow facilities to verify proof of vaccination at entry.


Easy to Use

It’s as simple as taking a photo of a vaccine card and uploading it to our web-based portal. After verification, an email is sent with a QR code and link that can be used to verify a valid vaccination status by anyone, anywhere.

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