COVID Vaccination
Management System (VMS)


Return to Work with Confidence


Upload a Picture of a Vaccine Card or Covid Test

Take a picture of a COVID-19 Vaccination Card or Covid-19 Test and upload to JDP’s Vaccination Management System (VMS)


JDP Verifies* Vaccine Card Validity

JDP reviews each vaccine card and searches for anomalies.

* Optional vaccination card anomaly detection service


Credential is issued as a link and QR code

Simply click or scan to verify if a vaccation claim is valid.

No app necessary.

Scan this QR code with your
phone’s camera to see a sample validation.


Compliance Has Never Been So Easy

Simple, Trackable, and Portable



Program Administration and Compliance Enforcement

Program administrators have access to Covid-19 vaccination and Covid-19 test tracking and status at any time.


Proof of Compliance for Enhanced Safety and Peace of Mind

Easily demonstrate proof of vaccination status. Our QR Code-based system is a portable and transparent method to allow facilities to verify proof of vaccination at entry.


Easy to Use

It’s as simple as taking a photo of a vaccine card or Covid-19 test and uploading it to our web-based portal. An email is sent with a QR code and link that can be used to verify a valid vaccination status or valid and current Covid-19 weekly test by anyone, anywhere.

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