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About the background screening company

Our Mission & Vision

JDP was founded to help its clients minimize potential liabilities and choose the right person for the job during the candidate selection process and throughout the individual’s time with the organization. Our robust dataset and screening technology informs our clients’ decision-making – providing them a more thorough understanding of who they are potentially bringing onboard. Going beyond just supplying data, we support our clients by hand-checking all reportable results to ensure accuracy, work diligently to produce the shortest turnaround time possible, and back all services with the highest level of customer support found in the industry.

Our Story

How do you define bad customer service? Calling an 800-number with a question and hearing you are the 17th person in line and expected wait times are longer than usual? Worse yet, once you make it to the front of the line, your call drops and you are left with a dial tone?

Chad Killian, like the rest of us, knows bad customer service. He saw it up close, time and time again, as the once happy clients he worked with as a sales leader at large data delivery companies weren’t getting the follow up support they needed.

There was a real disconnect between what clients desired and what the large companies could deliver.

In an age where technology advances move information at lightening speeds, the basics of good communication were being forgotten.

The irony of it all was that these major data delivery companies, that were tapped to provide background information and other key metrics to help clients succeed, were failing at simple communication and primary business services.

There had to be a better way...

Chad envisioned a company built on strong core values that would set the bar for innovation and customer satisfaction.

Determined to build a better organization from the inside out, Chad launched JD Palatine in 2009.

The company name includes the middle initials of Chad’s two brothers as well as a nod to Palatine Hill, the center most of the Seven Hills of Rome. The middle initials and the esteemed hill serve as reminders that staying centered is paramount to the JD Palatine business philosophy.

Work/life balance is the real deal here.

Our team includes customer-centered experts who are deeply committed to their work and also encouraged to spend time giving to others and enjoying life. We articulate this with flexible scheduling for all of our employees. It is extremely important to spend time with those we care about every day. We truly believe in doing what we can to promote participating in family dinners, children’s events, birthdays and time with significant others. Our Flex Scheduling supports this value and aids the success of our company, our local communities and our clients.

In addition, we encourage community service and are pleased to have employees volunteer at hospitals, at a variety of children’s programs, at animal service programs and more. The JDP team is beginning a companywide initiative that will help local children as well as homeless adults.

Perhaps we’re onto something, as employee turnover is non-existent.

Happy employees who get their jobs done every day at work and at home.

Your typical data information company? Maybe not.

We’re real people helping real people make smart business decisions.

What Makes Us Different?

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Hand-checked reportable results ensures accurate data
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Quick turnaround time optimizes your candidate selection process
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Dedicated attention provides you with the right information

Our Company Culture

JDP provides more than data. It provides a client experience made possible only by the JDP team that makes the company what it is. We are constantly aspiring to master the act of getting the job done while fostering a family-friendly work-life balance because we know that what makes people happy is their quality of life—a real metric on which we place heavy emphasis. This culture resonates throughout the company and as a result, our employee turnover is consistently minimal and our clients interact with, well, happy people. We keep the workplace dynamic by consistently creating new opportunities for our people and propelling them into different roles. Today, we are bringing some of the top people in the industry to JDP—so that we can grow and continue to compete on a large scale. But we will never lose sight of what got us here—a tight-knit company culture comprised of dedicated, loyal people.

Certifications & Memberships

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