Pre-Employment Background Checks

Better Background Checks: The Leading Cause of Better Hires

You wouldn’t let a stranger into your house, so why would you let one into your organization? JDP helps you figure out which candidates are low-risk and which ones you should send packing. We deliver comprehensive background screening solutions that provide you with everything you need to know about your candidates to make an informed hiring decision. It’s how we help you protect your organization and its people from harm. We also support you every step of the way — it’s part of the Top-Notch Service you’ll get as a JDP client.

“JDP has made our screening process more robust. I can always count on them to respond quickly and efficiently - a great business partner.”

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Criminal Background Check Services

Social Security Number (SSN) ID Search

Provides information from a credit bureau on an applicant’s current and past addresses based on applicant’s SSN. Used by JDP for jurisdictional development in determining which counties, states and federal districts to search based on address history.

JDP National Criminal Search

JDP’s proprietary national criminal database contains over 685M+ files and continues to proactively retrieve updates from sources across the U.S. Available for provided and developed names.

County Criminal Records

Searches felony and misdemeanor criminal records at a specific county. JDP utilizes a combination of electronic access to courts and a proprietary, tightly controlled network of in-person court researchers to retrieve county criminal records. Standard availability is current county or 7-year residence history as well as provided and developed names. Custom options and scoping available upon request.

State Criminal Records

Searches central repository for selected states where available. Standard availability is current state or 7-year residence history as well as provided and developed names. Custom options and scoping available upon request.

Federal Criminal Records

Searches criminal records at the federal level held at one of 94 U.S. District Courts. Federal crimes are those that have been made criminal by federal law, such as tax evasion and interstate kidnapping. Available for current state or 7-year residency history as well as provided and developed names.

Global Security and Financial Watch List

Identifies individuals linked to terrorism or otherwise listed on government watch lists, improving compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act.

JDP National Sexual Offender Records

Searches all sources included in the DOJ Sex Offender Registry, including all 50 states, Washington DC, U.S. Territories and Native American Tribe registries of registered sex offenders.

International Criminal Records

Available in over 200 countries, searches provide a translated report of available criminal history derived from credible, officially maintained sources within the country. Cost and availability vary by country and region.

Civil Background Check Services

County Civil Records

Available for upper court, lower court or both. Provides information about civil filings which may include dollar amount, plaintiff, defendant, cause of action, disposition, case number, file date, divorces, domestic or family law, child support actions and more. Available for current county and 7-year residence history with provided name.

Federal District Court Civil Records

Reveals records of civil suits where the consumer was either a plaintiff or defendant. Records typically include the nature of the complaint, status of the suit, date of filings, names of plaintiffs and defendants and whether or not a judgement was handed down and for whom.  Available for current federal district of residence or 7- year residence history.

Everything You’d Expect, and Then Some:

  • Secure, Easy to Use Platform
    Point and click your way to better candidates from any device, anywhere. EI3PA, PCI and DSS compliant.
  • Fast Turnaround
    Optimized processes and procedures ensure you get results — fast.
  • Accuracy
    An experienced research team, always on call to verify positive results before sending reports to clients or candidates.
  • Flexible Packages
    Your screening program, your customized packages — your way. Quick changes to meet your needs.
  • Top-Notch Service
    We’re improving the background screening experience with 100% U.S. based, free and friendly support.

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