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Because Social Media plays an increasingly integral role in our lives, many employers have found the use of Social Media background screening to be a crucial strategy in the pre-employment process. JDP offers companies a way to gather Social Media data and make informed and intelligent decisions regarding their applicants and current employees.

Social Media Screening Services


JD Palatine leverages its best-in-class, and proprietary, social media discovery platform and experienced Social Media Analysts to deliver useful reports in a short time period. The platform returns automated results that provide online user names, aliases, and additional locations. These automated results are enriched by running secondary searches on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ to reveal the subject’s social media activity. By virture of our third party service and screenshotting capability we are able to maintain confidentiality for our clients.

Pre-Employment Screening: An Increasing Necessity

With its unprecedented surge in widespread use, employers have discovered the many benefits of Social Media background screening. Unfavorable hiring decisions have been averted after the discovery of offensive or objectionable behaviors, activities, or material present on a potential employee’s public Social Media profile. With a thorough screening program set in place, only the most qualified candidates continue through the hiring process.

Post-Employment Monitoring: An Ongoing Responsibility

Because of the exceptionally public nature of Social Media tools, the risk of employee abuse and misuse is more menacing than ever before. The ongoing monitoring of employee Social Media habits can mitigate everything from dishonest behavior in the workplace to leaked company secrets, and serve as one of the first lines of defense against a potentially harmful employee-related event.

Equip Your Business With Social Media Awareness

We at JD Palatine understand how important your employees are to the continued success of your company. We also realize the need to maintain brand security and employee safety. Harnessing the power of a fully-automated, proprietary software program that simplifies and expedites the Social Media search process, JD Palatine allows you to create a customized search that will identify risky or potentially damaging behaviors and activities before they pose a problem for your organization.

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