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How fast do you deliver background screening results?

It depends!

While our typical background checks can be completed instantly to within 48 hours, there are a number of factors that can result in a background check being delivered faster or slower.

For example, some counties and states grant electronic access to records, making them quicker to find than those places that require someone to search for records in person. Additionally, a background check that returns no records on a candidate will often be returned faster than one where we find records. That’s because we hand verify each hit before reporting them to you.

Why does it take so long to find records located in some counties or states, while records in other counties or states can be found quickly?

It all comes down to how each location has set up their record collection process. Some counties and states still require a court runner to physically go to their courthouse to retrieve records. As you can imagine, this manual process is not nearly as quick as conducting an electronic search! When a county or state has an automated, electronic process, we’re able to access the records much faster.

How does your drug testing process work?

Our drug testing process was designed to be easy for both you and your candidate. Your candidate will schedule their drug test through the JDP platform, where they’ll be able to choose a lab location that’s convenient for them. Once they schedule their appointment, they’ll get a chain of custody to take to the lab. After the test is conducted, results will be shared directly with you in the JDP platform.

Our Platform

What configurations are available for users?

Account administrators can choose which permissions each of their users have. With multiple permissions and hierarchy options available, you can make sure every user only has access to what they need.

Can a candidate fill out a QuickApp on their cell phone or tablet?

Yes. Because our platform is HTML5 compatible, candidates can fill out a QuickApp on any cell phone or tablet with an internet connection.

Do you integrate with applicant tracking systems or other software programs?

We have an open API and currently have hundreds of integrations. You can contact us to find out if we integrate with your preferred software. You can also view a list of our most popular integrations here.

Working With JDP

What makes JDP different from other background check companies?

When you work with JDP, you know you’re getting Top Notch Service and fast, accurate data.

Top Notch Service means you’re treated like you’re our most important client — because you are. You’ll get a dedicated team to help you every step of the way. Because we’re 100% U.S. based, you’ll never have to wait more than five minutes to get us on the phone or more than an hour to get a response via email. And we’ll do whatever it takes to fully resolve your question or issue.

But you get more than just Top Notch Service when you work with JDP: you get data you can rely on. With access to a massive list of data sources, we’re able to search high and low for information so we don’t miss any data about your candidates. And when we do find information about your candidate, we personally verify it before including it in your FCRA-compliant report. It’s how you’ll always know you’re working with reliable data.

Do you stay up-to-date on all state and national background specific laws? If yes, how?

Yes. JDP’s compliance team stays up-to-date on both federal laws and those impacting every state within the U.S. and we regularly update our processes to stay in accordance with ever-changing regulations.

We know many of our clients are interested in staying up-to-date about new rules impacting employment background screening, which is why we send a quarterly newsletter that highlights these changes.

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