Background Checks for the Finance Industry

Know Who’s Handling Your Green – So You Don’t End up in the Red

Protect your assets from sticky fingers by background screening your candidates. JDP’s financial industry screening services help you make a more informed hiring decision by looking at the ups and downs across their portfolio. Whether you need to learn about their criminal history, personal credit responsibility or professional licenses, we’ll make it easy to determine if a candidate carries more risk than you’re willing to take on.

Finance Industry Background Screening Services

Criminal Background Screening

  • SSNV ID Search
  • JDP National Criminal Search
  • County Criminal Records Search
  • State Criminal Records Search
  • Federal Criminal Records Search
  • FBI Fingerprinting

Credit Reporting

  • Employment Credit Report

Drug Testing

  • Lab-Based Urine Drug Screen
  • Hair Follicle Drug Screen
  • Instant Drug Screen
  • Self-Collection Drug Screen
  • Breath Alcohol Test

Verifications & References

  • Professional License Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Employment References
  • Personal References

Social Media Screening

  • Social Media Employment Report
  • Social Media Deep Report

Learn If Your Candidate Is a Liability or an Asset

Whether you’re hiring someone to protect your clients’ assets or your own, you need to limit the risk your next employee brings to your organization. JDP’s background screening services for the financial industry help you assess risk and meet regulations, like those set out by the FDIC, FDIA and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

JDP helps you get a comprehensive look at your candidate’s history and learn if your candidate has omitted or lied about anything in their past. Criminal background screenings, education and employment verifications, social media screening, credit reporting, professional license verifications and drug testing are just a few of the ways we can spot red flags. It’s how we help you know if your next hire is a wise investment.


Learn how easy it is to protect your organization and its assets with JDP’s Financial Industry Background Checks.