The Texas Association of School Personnel Administrators, or TASPA, is an organization dedicated to helping human resource departments in public schools. TASPA provides support for schools’ HR departments and can even help schools without HR departments. With TASPA, you receive tools and strategies for improving your school’s HR department and helping it function according to all of the latest guidelines.

JDP will attend the annual TASPA summer conference this year. The conference will take place on July 15-17, 2015 in Austin, TX.  The sessions will focus on a variety of topics like:

  • Privacy and social media

  • Common employment myths

  • Criminal history reviews

  • Fingerprinting compliance

Many of the workshops and sessions will provide insight on how to keep students safe in a learning environment. With background check legislation changing frequently, this conference will provide updated information on education safety.

One of the issues the conference will address is rescreening employees. The Background Investigation Bureau (BIB) studied the pattern of arrests among teachers, coaches, and volunteers for the current year. You can join BIB as they discuss the results of their study on arrest trends. They will also provide rescreening tips and how to enhance safety with screening programs.

Safe and Sound Education

Background check companies help protect schools from negligent hiring. Background check legislation and requirements, however, differ between schools and businesses – which can make it complicated for schools to know how to comply with the law. Safe and Sound Education provides services specifically for schools and goes beyond the usual requirements. In addition to FBI fingerprinting and checking state records, Safe and Sound Education screens all records from the county level up through the federal level. At schools, annual background checks are important because even if an employee had a clean record when hired, anything can happen in a few years. Safe and Sound Education gives schools more time to focus on their students while we focus on all the rules and records.

For more information about education and safety, come find JDP at the Safe and Sound Education booth at the 2015 TASPA conference in Texas! Use #2015TASPAsummer to share your experiences from the conference!