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As Elixir’s screening partner, JDP is committed to ensuring the Elixir field team has the necessary training and documentation materials for all things background screening and drug testing.

The purpose of this website is to canonize and document all Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) around the Elixir background screening and drug testing program(s). These questions will include, but are not limited to reviewing completed background checks and drug tests, analyzing pending checks (and why they’re pending), and how to interpret the results of completed background checks and drug screens.

In addition to training materials, this site will also provide information for the Elixir team on how and when to contact the JDP team with questions.

If there are other questions you have, JDP will provide an ongoing, monthly training session for the Elixir field team. These sessions will have a flexible agenda, but will cover usage of the JDP platform and afford the Elixir field team the forum to have a Q&A discussion to answer questions in real time.

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