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Verifying a candidate’s education history is a critical part of the pre-employment screening process.  Because applicants can furnish partial and inaccurate information regarding their education, JDP helps organizations prevent costly bad hires by providing verification of an applicant’s certificate, diploma or degree obtained.

Education Verification Features:

  • 5 attempts in 5 days (Configurable) - attempt is classified as making a call to the source to speak to an individual that can assist in completing the required information
  • Best practice - verify the highest degree obtained
  • Verifies an applicant’s reported education history - Dates of Enrollment or Attendance Dates, Course Major or Field of Study, Degree Obtained, Date the Degree was Awarded

Education Verification Services:

  • Education Verification - Attempts a verification of the applicant’s reported education history from provided institutions
  • International - Attempts the verification of the applicant’s reported education history from provided International institutions along with verifier name, title and contact information.

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