US Soccer Background Checks

Safe Soccer Background Check Policies

As noted by the U.S. Center for SafeSport “sound, practical and reasonable screening practices reduce the chances that an athlete will come in contact with potentially dangerous individuals.” Accordingly, and consistent with the goals of the Protect Act of 2003 and the Safe Sport Act, U.S. Soccer requires background screening on all U.S. Soccer Program Participants, 18 and older under section I of this policy.1 In addition, U.S. Soccer also performs background screening on volunteer Board members, officers and candidates for office and any U.S. Soccer referee registering directly through the U.S. Soccer Learning Center.



Scope of Background Check

  • SSN ID Search
  • JDP National Criminal Search + Developed Names
  • JDP National Sex Offender Records Search + Developed Names
  • Alternate National Criminal Search – All Hits Confirmed at County Level Included – Includes Multiple Sanctions and Government Watch Lists
  • U.S. Center for SafeSport Public Facing Disciplinary Database
  • County Criminal Records Search – 7 Year Residence History – Provided Name and Developed Names – Unlimited Counties
  • Federal Criminal Records Search – 7 Year Residence History of States including all Districts within the States – Provided Name and Developed Names
  • JDP’s Proprietary Cognitive Screening Data Sources
  • JDP’s Verified Identity Documentation “vID”
  • JDP’s Facial Recognition Technology and SOR Facial Recognition Technology




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