Due to major labor shortages, staffing companies have noted that partnered companies across the United States have struggled to maintain sufficient staff. This challenge has proven resilient even after the pandemic. For example, the hospitality industry has recorded an 87% labor shortage.

Another significant factor in these shortages includes delays in the hiring process. Many companies rely on staffing companies to find quick and reliable employees. In some cases, the staffing agency may have revealed the source of the delay: the background check process.

Staffing agencies must move quickly when recruiting employees, processing them, and sending them to partner employers at reasonable times. As such, they need to optimize every step, especially the background check. As a result, companies can hire more employees and fill positions quickly by improving this step.

Here are several ways to speed up the background check process.

Provide a User-Friendly Background Check Process

In recruiting and providing clients with quality employees, staffing companies should strive for an easy, stress-free process. Candidates who struggle or become overwhelmed with the process may feel unwilling to move to the next opportunity. Unfortunately, this resignation often happens for most staffing companies.

Many background check companies make the process challenging. For example, they often require applicants to complete lengthy forms, many of which do not translate well on mobile devices. This decision often deters potential employees because most people rely on mobile devices to accomplish many tasks.

As such, background check companies with a user-friendly process can significantly improve the background check process. Not only do they make it easier and stress-free, but making it user-friendly improves the likelihood of applicants completing the forms.

Optimize Your Process for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices have become an essential tool for most applicants, and many prefer to complete job applications and background checks on their mobile devices. As such, staffing companies should optimize their processes for mobile devices by making the application and background check process easy to navigate and complete. The process should also allow candidates to save their progress and return to it later, ensuring they can complete it at their convenience.

Allow Applicants to Obtain Status Updates

Many applicants experience anxiety about background checks, worried about how long it might take or what the report will say. Providing them with a means to watch the progress could prove helpful. The ability to monitor progress could alleviate their anxious energy. It also soothes their nerves enough to trust the process and provides a timeline for when to next get in touch with the company.

Help Applicants to Avoid Errors

Applicants often experience anxiety during the background check process, and providing them with the ability to obtain status updates can help reduce their anxiety. By providing a timeline for when the process will be completed, candidates can trust the process and have a clear idea of when they will hear back from the staffing company. Additionally, partnering with a background check company that provides error detection methods can help eliminate errors that slow down the process.

Final Thoughts

By implementing these tips, staffing companies can optimize the background check process and move candidates through the funnel faster. A faster and more efficient process will help companies hire more employees and fill positions quickly, even during times of labor shortages. Ultimately, partnering with a trustworthy and reliable background check company is crucial in creating a process that accomplishes the staffing company’s objectives.

Information provided here is for educational and informational purposes only and should not constitute as legal advice. We recommend you contact your own legal counsel for any questions regarding your specific practices and compliance with applicable laws.