Background Check Revealed Woman Facing Federal Charges Posed as Nurse

August 18, 2023

According to a criminal complaint filed with a U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, a background check exposed a woman who falsified her nursing qualifications. Furthermore, the case revealed that the woman is a repeat offender. This knowledge led to the termination of her employment and a charge for identity theft.

This case detailed how the woman in question applied to work in a hospice facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She applied as a registered nurse and submitted fake qualifications to secure the position. This information included an artificial driver’s license number and a falsified diploma showing she earned a “Master of Science in Nursing” degree. She also provided the employer with a picture of a nursing license belonging to another woman with the same first name.

Despite lacking a valid nursing license, the woman received the job and began working. However, she provided a driver’s license containing her real name during orientation for the position. A fingerprint background check complying with Michigan’s Workforce Background Check followed shortly after.

Consequently, the hospice facility realized that her fingerprints matched those previously recorded from state and federal convictions in 2015 and 2016. These records indicated that she repeatedly practiced nursing without a license. As such, she received a permanent disqualification from employment that directly serves patients or residents of nursing homes, hospices, or similar facilities. Following this discovery, the hospice facility immediately terminated her, though not before court records indicated she received over $1,000 in pay.

Approximately a week after this, authorities stated that they found the woman working as a registered nurse at a skilled nursing facility in Michigan. The interviews and court records revealed that she acted as a unit manager in this facility. According to her, she oversaw the nursing assistants, ensuring they performed their tasks correctly.

U.S. Attorney Totten stated, “The allegations, in this case, involving a woman faking as a professionally licensed nurse are dangerous and put unsuspecting patients in harm’s way. My office takes these accusations very seriously.” If convicted of identity theft, the woman would face up to 15 years in federal prison.

These allegations have clearly illustrated the importance of background checks when hiring medical workers to protect innocent patients’ lives. Due to this, employers should partner with a trusted screening provider. The right partner can provide accurate and comprehensive background checks, ensuring employers have the information they need to make an educated hiring decision.

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