Volunteers are amazing. They give up their time, free of charge, to help your nonprofit, school, or other organization accomplish its goals. Of course, if you’re running a nonprofit, you also want to ensure the safety of your constituents or clients. That’s why nonprofits are increasingly turning to background checks for their volunteers.

Requiring volunteers from your school, church, or nonprofit organization to get background checks will not deter them from participating. Many people, especially parents, have busy lives but a background check will not take much time. For dedicated volunteers, conducting a background screening check is only a small step towards helping with the cause.

Background Screening at Nonprofits

Nonprofits usually don’t require volunteers to submit to background checks. This makes them an easy target for criminals. People can falsify their identity and lie about their past unless you take the steps necessary to check up on them. Background checks will discourage the people with a questionable past from volunteering but not the ones who are actually dedicated and trustworthy. You should take any steps necessary to eliminate the risk of allowing a dangerous person into your organization.

Background Screening Checks for Parents

Increasingly, schools require parent volunteers to get background checks. At one school in Chicago, some parents were reluctant to allow their lives under the microscope. But, after one parent acknowledged a sex-abuse conviction from his past would prevent him from passing the screening check, many parents changed their minds. And in the end, “of the 318 parents who filled out forms, only four refused to provide social security numbers.” Parent volunteers are essential to most school functions and the added security step won’t prevent them from participating.

You can easily protect your school and your children by screening volunteers. JDP makes safety fast and easy with the Safe and Sound Education background screening services we provide. There are several benefits to using our Safe and Sound Education program. We can provide accurate, timely, and inexpensive services. You can access our full list of services and program details on our website.