Employee Background Screening –

Background checks are common when screening potential hires. But can you conduct a background check on your current employees? According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), you can screen existing employees. Whether they’ve been with your company for one year or ten, it’s important to maintain confidence in your employees.

When Should You Screen Current Employees?

There are several reasons to conduct a background screening check on existing employees. It’s important to maintain current records of your employees. Even within a year of the first background check at the time they were hired, many things can happen.

  1. Reassignment

    If you’re reassigning an employee to a new position you may want to conduct another background check. The new position may have different responsibilities that were not covered by a previous background check.

  2. Retention

    Some employers will conduct background checks on current employees as part of a decision process. Before you decide which employees to keep on at your company, consider conducting a background check.

  3. Promotion

    Just as with reassignment, a promotion usually involves new responsibilities and a new job description. You can guarantee you’ve chosen the right candidate by conducting another background check.

  4. Workplace accidents

    Many companies will conduct background checks on current employees after a workplace accident in order to clearing up issues with insurance companies and the legal department. It can also help the company learn to prevent similar accidents from occurring again.

Should You Conduct Routine Background Checks?

As always before conducting background checks on current employees, make sure you know the rules. If there is no evidence to suggest your employee has done something wrong at work, you must have their consent before screening them. Sometimes companies will include a clause in the original consent form allowing them to conduct background checks even after hiring. If you have any questions about screening current employees, feel free to contact us or leave a comment. We’re happy to help you with your employment screening needs.