City In Virginia Eases Expungement Process for Criminal Records

Jan 20, 2024

Individuals in Alexandria, Virginia, will find it easier to expunge their records. However, this update will only affect those with criminal records in the Alexandria court system or police. The Sheriff of Alexandria, the Commonwealth’s Attorney, and the Clerk of the Circuit Court recently announced a new expungement process. 

According to the announcement, they will introduce a one-stop, limited-cost process for individuals interested in expunging these records. There are specific cases when a criminal record gets expunged. These examples include the mistaken use of a person’s name, a dismissal, acquittal, absolute pardon, or nolle prosequi. Eligible records will receive expungement after the circuit court enters an order.

The Alexandria Sheriff’s Office will provide the fingerprinting process for free. Sheriff Casey explained that fingerprinting is a critical part of the expungement process. As such, providing this service at no cost will expedite and ease the expungement process. The Commonwealth Attorney’s office will also help make the process affordable by waiving the service fees for the expungement process. Finally, the Clerk’s Office will refund the filing fees as the law requires if the court grants an applicant’s expungement request.

There are currently fees set by law for expungement. Other than the filing price, this initiative would waive the expungement fees. Should the court grant the expungement, it would waive the filing fee. The usual fees to obtain an expungement are listed below:

  • Filing fee; must pay to the Clerk’s office, but is 100% refunded if the court accepts the expungement.
  • Fingerprint fee; usually $10, but the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office will waive it through this initiative.
  • Service and process fee; waived by the Commonwealth’s Attorney as a part of this initiative.

Applicants should know they must pay the $86 filing fee upfront. Should the court grant an expungement, the court will refund the filing fee. As such, not receiving an expungement means applicants will not receive a refund. These expungements should help many individuals obtain more employment opportunities. Furthermore, they should help businesses by expanding the labor pool. 

Businesses can also provide a second chance for individuals waiting for expungement or ineligible to receive one. In the hiring process, they can determine whether the applicant’s criminal record is relevant to the desired position. One way to start a second-chance employment program is to partner with an experienced background-check company. The right partner will deliver accurate and compliant reports, ensuring the company can make an informed decision.

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