The hiring process works similarly for any age group, but there are special considerations you may want to take into account if you’re looking to hiring Baby Boomers. This group is a unique cohort with many different shared aspects, and knowing how to screen employees in this age range can help you find fantastic employees for your company.

Set Yourself Up for Success

When it comes to Baby Boomers (and indeed, nearly every generation today), full-time work may not be what they’re looking for. Many Baby Boomers are seeking part-time work that’s meaningful during retirement, or may want flexibility in their workplace. If you can incorporate this kind of flexibility into your work arrangements, you may find more success in recruiting talented and knowledgeable Baby Boomers.

Understand How to Screen Baby Boomer Employees

When you conduct background screening checks, you’ll want to follow common hiring protocol and screen all employees the same way. Don’t assume that just because a job candidate is older means you don’t have to conduct a background screening. Likewise, checking references and employment history remains a key component of background screening checks.

Think Social

Today’s Baby Boomers are more social than ever before. 70% of Baby Boomers are on Facebook, with large percentages on other networks like Twitter and YouTube. This is important for two reasons – first of all, it gives you a venue for reaching out and recruiting this age demographic. It also means you’ll need to conduct regular social media audits on all employees, not just younger ones. And when it comes to social media, you’ll need to make sure you’re monitoring it appropriately. That’s why we offer Social Media Screening to help you ensure compliance as you navigate today’s increasingly social world.

Baby Boomers Bring Perspective to Your Company

When it comes to hiring Baby Boomers, it’s much the same as hiring any other age demographic. However, you’ll also want to ensure that you take care to pay attention to trends within this age group, since this will give you the best chance of finding a talented, experienced Baby Boomer for your company.