There are many benefits to hiring independent contractors for various jobs. Freelance workers have flexible hours and can be hired for specific projects. You can hire freelancers to help with work overload and prevent your full-time employees from working overtime. Sometimes companies hire freelance workers as a sort of assessment to see if they will make a good fit at the company as a full-time employee. No matter the reason for hiring an independent contractor, you should conduct a thorough background screening check.

Social Media Screening

When hiring independent contractors, you should start by screening his or her online presence. Most freelance workers need to conduct serious social branding in order to get their names out there. Conduct a social media screening to see if your potential hires will fit well with your company and the job you have in mind.

Professional History

Part of the pre-hiring process for freelancers should include a careful check of their previous employment history. You want to make sure that they are telling the truth about work history and other freelance jobs they’ve taken. Freelancers can work for multiple companies at once, which means they should have plenty of references.

Can They Work In The U.S.?

Freelance workers usually work from home, wherever that may be. So, you should make sure they can legally work in the U.S. If you’re hiring someone abroad the rules may change a little. Depending on the country, make sure you know what the rules are and how to follow them. Other countries have various labor laws and unions that differ from the U.S.

Freelance workers are a great resource to use if you’re feeling shorthanded. Some of the top freelance industries include project development, research, and writing. So, if you never want to conduct research again, hire a freelance worker to do it for you. Just be sure to check their credentials. If you have any questions about the hiring protocol for freelance workers, please contact us.