Let’s say you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who just founded a promising startup company. After a few years of working hard to launch your company, it’s doing really well and you’re ready to start hiring new talent. The problem with the hiring process, however, is that it can be costly and time-consuming. You need new employees as soon as possible so, what do you do? If only there were a self-signup tool you could use to speed up the process . . .

Hiring new employees is a stressful process no matter what size company you work for. Many screening services, however, aren’t as accessible to small businesses as they are to large corporations. A small to medium size business could get left in the dust at a background check company that’s designed to focus on large companies.

Don’t let that discourage you. Small and medium size businesses should conduct background checks on employees for the same reasons as larger companies. Hiring the wrong person can be expensive. 27% of U.S. employers claim a single bad hire can cost around $50,000 and small or medium size businesses usually aren’t equipped to handle extra costs for liabilities. Large corporations, on the other hand, are more likely to have the resources to absorb the ramifications involved with a bad hire.

The best option for any size business is to do everything in your power to avoid sticky situations that might lead to terminating an employee or paying for the consequences of a negligent hire. So, what should a small or medium size business owner do if they want to start hiring new employees quickly?

JDP Self Signup Portal

That’s where we come in. JDP has an online tool designed to meet the needs of small to medium-size businesses of about 500 employees or less. JDP’s Self Signup Portal simplifies the process of setting up an account and requesting services for smaller companies. Instead of getting lost amidst tons of other small businesses, JDP’s new signup tool allows you to start requesting background screening services within 48 hours of using the Signup Portal.

The Self Signup Portal allows you to select one of four recommended packages or create a custom package of background screening services. With options for every industry from health care to trucking, you can select services including drug testing, employment verification, criminal database searches, and more.

This tool allows for quick account setup so you can start screening applicants and help your business grow faster. The Self Signup Portal combined with JDP’s accurate, hand checked reports and innovative risk mitigation solutions makes background screening your future employees easy, whether you’re a small mom-and-pop shop or a promising startup company harboring a million-dollar idea. If you have any questions, please contact us!