If you know you’ve recovered from Covid-19—or suspect you have—the natural next step is to take a diagnostic test to verify an immune response occurred.

Currently, serology testing (also known as antibody testing) is the best way to measure immunity to Covid-19. Serology tests look for the presence of immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies in a patient’s blood, the most reliable indicator that the patient’s immune system encountered and defeated SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19.

It’s important to note, as of this writing, a positive Covid-19 antibody test does not guarantee any degree of immunity to the virus. Health experts are hopeful that the presence of antibodies correlates with some notable period of immunity, but more research is needed to draw firm conclusions. In the meantime, people are advised to adhere to CDC guidelines whether or not they test positive for antibodies.

Digital tools to prove immunity to Covid-19

While plans are still in development for how to safely reopen societies around the world, one thing is clear: we will soon need a way to reliably and quickly share proof of Covid-19 immunity, whether that immunity has been established by an antibody test, or ultimately, through vaccination.

In order to make certified Covid-19 antibody test results available in ways that are easy to share, many countries—including the US and many in Europe—are considering the use of immunity passports. Immunity passports will likely manifest as secure smartphone apps, offering a secure, reliable, and convenient way to share positive test results. Immunity passports are expected to be essential tools in helping people resume normal day-to-day activities, including work, school, and travel.

Solution: Virtual Verified Identity Documentation (vVID)

JDP is developing a solution called Virtual Verified Identity Documentation (vVID), which will help users share proof of their immunity to Covid-19. vVID is a blockchain-secured ID card that contains a person’s biometrically-coded identity, affiliated credentials, and Covid-19 status, in a secure smartphone app. vVID is portable and will allow users to determine who receives information about their Covid-19 status.