The hiring process isn’t just stressful for employers – it can also be a stressful time for your job candidates. After all, there are stacks of paperwork to fill out and dozens of people to meet with. Fortunately, your job search doesn’t have to be challenging. With a few simple tweaks, you can make the process easier for both you and your potential candidates:

1. Give your candidate a potential salary range.

Rather than dancing around the subject, consider letting your job candidates know what the range for the position is. No matter which side of the interview you’re on, you’ve likely experienced this “negotiation” – the candidate wants to know how much the position is offering and the employer doesn’t want to tell them, preferring to see a detailed salary history first. Of course, this doesn’t benefit either party. Employers may wind up loving a candidate who won’t accept the salary. Tailoring a salary range to a specific position, then giving out that information, can help both parties feel at ease.

2. Make background screening checks as simple as possible.

Yes, you’ll need to get some detailed information from your job candidates in order to screen them. But make sure you clarify exactly what is pre employment screening and why you’re gathering the information. Use a simple form to get the information you need – and leave the rest in the hands of a professional screening service. No need to worry your job candidates with millions of questions, saving you both time and frustration.

3. Make your description simpler – and more accurate.

Creating simpler job descriptions sounds like an obvious piece of advice, but you should do it for a less-obvious reason. Instead of asking about traits that the ideal candidate would possess, consider providing tasks they’ll be expected to accomplish. If you avoid the ultra-jargon-laden job descriptions and just make it about the work, chances are, you’ll find that only qualified people will apply. After all, most people won’t apply for an accounting job if they’re unable to open Quickbooks. Plus, you can find out about traits in an interview more easily than you’d be able to see it on a piece of paper.

4. Don’t neglect social.

While people following you on social media are likely to be fans, one or more of these fans just may possess the skills you’re looking for. If you’re able to, consider posting your job listing on Facebook, Twitter or any other profiles you manage. This could give you plenty of candidates who are already excited and passionate about your company. Don’t discount this great method of finding new options for job candidates.

Running a job search isn’t easy – for you or your candidates. However, you do have a few ways you might be able to make the hiring process simpler for everyone involved. Consider implementing one (or more!) of these tips during your next job search.