So you’ve asked for referrals and posted the job description to your company’s website. Now what? Whether you’re getting very few candidates or you want to get even more potential candidates through the door, learning how to find amazing future employees is key to filling positions at your company with talented people. So before you give up and despair, try these 5 unusual ways to find candidates during the hiring process:

Social media sites

If your company has a social media site or two, why not send out the job description? After all, your fans may have skills and talents, and best of all, they’re already into you and your brand! Advertising a position on social media could potentially open up the floodgates, but as long as you’re willing to take a look at all the applications, you could find the person you were looking for.

Industry websites or mailing lists

Many industries have their own websites or mailing lists. Sometimes, there are even professional societies. They may be more than willing to advertise your open position to their members. If you haven’t yet explored this option, give it a try. You could find very talented folks just waiting for the right opportunity to come along. Don’t forget to try local, national and regional organizations – and even those in nearby states or areas, in case somebody is willing to relocate.

Befriend a blogger

Just like industry organizations have websites, influential people in the industry may be running their own blog. If applicable, look for a blog or two in your niche and either pay for advertisements or see if the blogger will simply ask their network. You may be able to find more relevant, talents candidates by getting specific with which bloggers you ask.

Look for impressive people everywhere

Depending on the position you’re trying to fill, you may  be able to find job candidates just about everywhere. Are you looking for somebody with a great customer service-oriented attitude? What about that waitress who went out of her way to accommodate your kid’s food allergy? If you always have a sharp eye looking out for good talent, you may be surprised at what you find.

Ask your network

The old adage that there are only six degrees between you and anybody else in the world may not exactly be true, but it sometimes feels that way. You likely know somebody who has a friend or former colleague who’s looking for a job. Consider reaching out to folks in your network – not just those who are currently working for you – to see who they might know.

Trying something new can help you uncover a potential diamond in the rough. No matter how you decide to find the candidate of your dreams, you should of course verify that they’re legitimate through background screening checks. With a few simple clicks, you can be sure that the candidates you’re finding will be suitable for your company.