If you run a transportation company, you may wonder why you need background screenings in the first place. Obviously, it’s important to run background checks on all new hires before putting them behind the wheel to ensure compliance. There are strict state and federal requirements in place, including those put in place by the Department of Transportation. A driver that may meet your own criteria may not fit the regulations made by lawmakers.

Understanding Background Checks

The most common type of records that most trucking companies look at are driving records, because it’s important for truck drivers to have a good record when it comes to motor vehicles. After all, a history of DUIs, traffic violations, or more serious offenses could indicate that a person is unsafe behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle.

Another screening check that many companies perform is a drug test. Drug users can be dangerous on the road, particularly in larger commercial vehicles. The Department of Transportation has rules that determine how often and when to screen for drugs and alcohol. Many companies choose to screen new hires to see if their drug screening results turn up traces of illicit drugs.

Find a Screening Service for the Trucking Industry

If you’re a motor carrier, it’s important that you find a company that can carry out your background screenings quickly and thoroughly. JD Palatine can help you hire qualified and compliant drivers to help you mitigate your company’s risks. We offer pre-employment drug testing, DOT compliant drug testing, and post-accident drug and alcohol testing. We also have a variety of background screening checks that includes employment verification, criminal records searches, and a wide variety of driver compliance checks.

We thoroughly investigate motor vehicle records, safety histories, and also review files for regulatory compliance and pending expirations.

Keep Your Company Safe With a Screening Service

We know the importance of background screenings in a number of industries – and especially in the trucking industry. Hiring non-compliant drivers, or those with an unsafe driving history, is a risk you just can’t afford to take. If you want to manage the risks to your company, learn more about what we can do for your trucking industry business or get in touch today!