Last week we debunked several job market myths. If you are currently looking for a job, it pays to be ahead of the game.  This means not only knowing what employers are really looking for during the hiring process, but also anticipating their needs before you go into the interview room.

Here are a few tips to show your potential employer that you think ahead:

Bring a resume.  This simple step will allow employer to know you came prepared.  Especially if your interviewer did not!  Don’t put the onus on your potential employer to print out your resume.  Your interview may forget, not have the time, or have a last minute printer breakdown.  By bringing your own, you make sure that this reference material is readily available.  And by bringing more than one copy, you ensure everyone at the interview table has easy access to your credentials.

Brining writing or project samples only enhances your first impression.  Even if you never get to present these materials, it can only help to have them on hand.

Prepare your own questions.  There comes a time in every interview where an employer will ask you if you have any questions.  Don’t sit in awkward silence.  This is your time to shine!

It is not rude to present your own questions.  In fact, many employers will ask if you have any questions as a way to test if you’ve done your research on the company.  This is your chance to show you have done your homework.  It is also a great opportunity to take control of the interview in order to highlight your best attributes and leadership skills.

Run your own background screening check.  Wouldn’t you love to go into the interview knowing what your employers know? JDP’s Job Seeker Insight service allows you to be in charge of your own background screening check.

By using JSI’s service or attaching its unique social media badge to your LinkedIn page, you show companies that you have nothing to hide.  You also save the interviewer or HR professional time and money on running their own background screening.  You demonstrate to your potential employers that you have anticipated their needs.  You are already well on your way to setting yourself apart from the herd!

How do you show potential employers that you are ahead of the pack?  Share your tips with us in the comments below!