The benefits of employee screening and background checks may seem obvious to an employer.  As an employer, you want employees who are forthcoming, honest and qualified. You want employees that you can trust with your clients and that your clients can trust as good representatives of your business.  But how do background checks improve the employee experience?  By hiring a qualified screening service, you not only give yourself peace of mind, but may be also giving peace of mind to your staff and workers.

Think like your job candidates.  Background checks give potential employees just what they are looking for in a workplace environment:

1. Guaranteed Workplace Safety. Every employee wants to work someplace safe where they can trust their fellow co-workers.  When the hiring process involves a background check, you let your potential employees know that their co-workers will have been similarly vetted.  They will know going into their first day of work that their fellow employees have been rigorously screened for their safety.

2. Fair Competition.  No one likes people who cut corners.  Your employees have worked hard to earn all of their credentials and they want to know that their co-workers share that work ethic.  Let your employees know that you take their hard work seriously by checking up on their references.  By creating an environment of honest competition, you ensure that your employees will continue to put their best foot forward and prevent bitterness between employees.

3.  Setting an Honest Tone.  Making honesty a high priority from the very beginning not only encourages honesty between you and your employee, but sets a company-wide tone of forthrightness.  Your new hire will know that he or she can openly share ideas without worry.  When your employee knows they are surrounded by similarly honest individuals, that employee may feel more encouraged to provide honest feedback and share creative input.

4. Legitimacy. A company that uses a trusted screening service is a company that knows their business and the value of hiring only the best of the best.  By using a screening service, you telegraph to your potential employees that your business in on the level and in it for the long haul.  Your employee knows that you have invested in making sure he or she is the right candidate for the job.  They will know that you see them as an asset and will possibly be more prone to investing in you for the long haul.

How has background screening improved your company’s work culture?  Have you noticed a marked difference among your new hires? We’d love to hear your stories.  Contact us!