We here at JDP what you to know exactly what to expect during a background check.  We’re here to help you out by answering some of your frequently asked questions.  Many people are interested to know exactly what type of information might turn up in a tenant or employment screening and ask:

Could my credit history show up on a background check?

The answer is: yes, it could.

A credit check, however, is different from a standard background check.  Though credit checks are becoming a more standard part of the hiring process, many employers opt not to run a credit check at all. For most employers, verifying a clean criminal history and a positive work reputation is enough.  If an employer decides to run a separate credit check, it is likely because the job you are applying for requires a special level of trust.

Certain professions such as banking and finance may be interested to learn your own credit history.  This is because these professions work closely with the handling of money.  The potential, temptation, and opportunity for theft is high.  Therefore employers in these industries might be more prone to hiring a candidate whose own financial status is stable in order to deter theft and provide a greater sense of security to their clients.

Tenants can also expect a credit check.  Landlords will likely ask you permission to look into your credit history so that they can establish a relationship of trust from the outset.  Persons with reasonable credit histories are more likely to pay their rent on time and not default on a lease.  Landlords are looking for tenants that they can trust with their property for the long term.

But don’t worry: if your employer or landlord run a credit check, it should not come as a surprise.  You will likely be asked for your permission and some preliminary information during the screening process.  If an employer or landlord looks into your credit history, you will be informed and made aware of the result so that you can correct any misinformation.