76% of hiring managers say that attracting high-quality candidates is their single-greatest challenge. And even when you take into account how tough it can be to find top talent — and how tight our labor market is at the moment — that’s still a surprisingly high number. But there are a few things your company can do to lighten the burden of finding good candidates.

Clearly state your purpose.
Companies that can coherently express what drives their existence are much more likely to draw a second look from candidates. Articulating your “why” translates into a rally cry for candidates who don’t just want to go to work every day, but instead want to contribute to something greater than themselves. This will motivate devoted, ambitious people to apply, and ultimately, that’s the kind of employee you want.

Be real.
Everyone on your recruiting team should definitely work to put their best foot forward, but avoid veering into full-on theatrics. It’s important for the candidate to get as honest a picture of your organization as possible. That way, both parties can accurately evaluate whether or not the role is a good fit.

Offer good benefits and culture.
When it comes to what employees need in order to be happy at work, the answers may vary a bit from person to person. But one constant across the board is likely to be a fair salary with good benefits. And “benefits” today goes beyond basic healthcare. Paid parental leave, fitness reimbursements and other perks that consider employees’ lives outside of work are key to building and maintaining a satisfied workforce.

Put employees first.
Current employees are the lifeblood of your organization. And if you show them respect by building a culture of trust and inclusivity, word will get out that your company is a great place to be. Also, make sure you’ve got an eye on diversity at the leadership level. Keep in mind that “diversity” not only refers to the usual groupings like gender and race, but also age. Having younger as well as more seasoned employees at the top demonstrates that your organization is stable, yet open to innovation.

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