Before starting the hiring process, consider how your business looks to outsiders. Presenting your company as a professional and successful organization will help you find the best talent. By showing candidates that your business means business and improving the hiring process for them, you will attract qualified professionals.

Keep Candidates Informed

Provide candidates with an overview of the hiring process and keep them updated on various stages throughout the process. This will demonstrate how you value their time and are taking the decision seriously. Candidates will appreciate not being left in the dark during the process, which can often be lengthy with background checks and employment verifications amongst other things.

Personalized Interviews

Not only should the candidate do research on the company before applying, but the interviewers should also research the candidates. Knowing the candidate’s personal brand will help you ask the right questions and find out if they’re a good fit for your organization.

Ask The Right Questions

There are probably countless questions you want to ask your potential employee or volunteer or tenant, but you only have so much time. Make sure you ask the hard-hitting questions first and then give the candidate some time to ask a few themselves. For example, you can end with this question: “Is there anything you’d like to tell us today that you think we should know?” This question will demonstrate to candidates you are giving them a fair chance at the position because it allows them to discuss additional skills and experience that didn’t come up during the interview.

Provide and Request Feedback

Instead of rejecting a candidate and dropping the matter, tell them why you rejected them. Constructive criticism may be difficult to hear, but it can help them improve and land the next job they apply for. You can also benefit from the candidates’ feedback. If for example they found the application process difficult or the job posting uninviting, you can use these criticisms to redesign the application and rewrite the job post.

Improving the efficiency of the hiring process will also improve your brand as an employer. And depending on what reputation you’re cultivating you can send welcome gifts to new hires or even have existing employees send welcome tweets at the new hire. Cultivating a fun and informative candidate experience will go a long way in driving the top talent to your business.

JD Palatine can help you improve the candidate experience with our innovative and efficient risk mitigation solutions. We offer a variety of services tailored to you and your industry so you can start hiring new employees faster and with confidence. Feel free to contact us if you any questions on how to screen employees!