The Oracle PartnerNetwork is a global network associated with the Oracle Corporation. The Oracle Corporation specializes in computer hardware, especially database management systems. The PartnerNetwork works with members to provide resources and software solutions based on the needs of the various companies. The network has five levels of membership for participating businesses – the Remarketer, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond levels. Because background screening checks require significant amounts of data to be researched, stored, and managed, JDP is proud to announce our Gold level membership in the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

Bringing the Strengths of Oracle to You

As Gold level members of OPN, JDP has access to designated business consultants as well as ongoing training and education workshops. JDP also has access to more sophisticated software and resources including Oracle Solaris, Oracle Exastack, and Oracle Validated Integration. How will this help you, our end customers?

Oracle Solaris

With Oracle Solaris software and support, JDP can provide better services for our clients. Oracle Solaris is a superior software that provides efficient enterprise cloud virtualization and storage performance. Essentially, this means we can focus on your needs  while maintaining the security of our data storage and management system. This software also adapts to our needs as our company grows.

Oracle Exastack

Oracle Exastack benefits for Gold level members include assistance from performance experts and lab optimizations. This means we can test software and revise it until it meets our requirements. With these benefits, JDP can provide consumers with a superior screening service that is fast, accurate, and tailored to meet their needs.

Oracle Validated Integration

Oracle Validated Integration certifies that JDP uses reliable software, which has been tested several times to ensure its effectiveness. This means JDP has been validated as a company with experience and will provide customers with satisfactory results that go above and beyond the usual requirements of the hiring process.

Oracle also recently introduced an advanced cloud platform with better data storage capabilities. Oracle Cloud supports over 70 million users and 31 billion transactions a day. With a Gold membership, JDP will continue to grow and adapt to a changing business environment. We can guarantee customer satisfaction with a formal recognition as a trustworthy brand from Oracle.