Are you conducting international background checks as part of your pre-employement screening?  As the business world becomes more global, it is becoming more and more important to conduct screening with an international frame of mind.  It has become increasingly common that your applicant pool is part of this larger international community.  A reputable, professional background screening company can go the extra mile for you to screen your international applicants as well as review the international exploits of local employees.  Here are several scenarios where international background screenings may be essential:

1. Schooling Overseas

Candidates trained overseas can bring great global experiences to your position.  An international education can bring a fresh perspective to the workplace.  But if confirming school records overseas is proving difficult, you may want to turn to a professional background screening company to fully check out your employees’ records.

2. International Citizens

International employees can bring a global savviness to your company.  This experience is valuable, so make sure you take the time to fully screen your potential hire to make sure your candidate is eligible for work and compliant with local work regulations.

3. Employment Overseas

Work experience overseas is highly prized as your business enters the worldwide market.  Make sure you are getting the best of the best by making sure your potential hire is reporting their work experience honestly.  A dishonest employee may be counting on your not checking international credentials.  Don’t be fooled.  Follow up on all your potential hire’s references!

4. Prolonged Travel

Travel broadens the mind!  But time spent overseas can also involve arrests or other red flag behavior.  An international background check can give you a whole picture.

5. Employees of International Companies

Don’t be intimidated by a foreign reference!  Get the full story on your potential employee’s work history by following up.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

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