Understanding pre-employment screening might seem complicated at first but we here at JD Palatine are here to help you out! To help you on your employment journey, we are answering some Frequently Asked Questions that have received over the years. Today’s question is:

Why do employers want to verify your work history?

Having a great resume is a good first step to getting the job of your dreams.  But for some, a resume is worth about as much as the paper it is written on.  It is too easy to fake a resume.  It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure up a fictitious work history.  To make sure that your credentials are real and that your qualifications are valued as they should be, employers may want to check your history by using a credible background screening service during the hiring process.

This is for your protection as much as your employer.  Where your employer wants to make sure they are getting a qualified candidate, you as the job candidate received the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the other applicants in the pool are being judged on their true merits.

Verifying employment is only half the story.  An honest work history that looks good on paper, may not be what it seems once an employer looks a little deeper.  By talking to a candidate’s past managers and coworkers, an employer can get a better feel for how their applicant functions in a real work environment. Interviewing past employers is a great way to find out if a job candidate works well with others, is a self-starter, a good communicator and more!

It may also be a great way for your employer to understand why a candidate left a past position. If your past employer was unprofessional, that may out in your work verification.  Your new employer may have a better understanding of your position before it even comes up during the interview.

As a job seeker, don’t be afraid of the employment verification process.  Most employers are happy to give glowing reviews and may even give you that extra boost that allows you to secure the job of your dreams.

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