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Social Media Fails that Got People Fired

Social Media Fail

As we all know, employers aren’t just looking at candidates’ criminal backgrounds anymore to determine a good fit. Companies want the whole picture, and nothing captures a better portrait than social media. But if misused, social sharing sites could spell disaster for employees. Here are a few of the most unforgettable social media fails that … Continue reading Social Media Fails that Got People Fired


TGIT’s Most Legendary Background Checks

TGIT's Most Legendary Background Checks

Branded Thank God It’s Thursday (TGIT), ABC’s Thursday-night primetime drama programming takes the classic “whodunit” cocktail and spikes it with Red Bull. In particular, “How to Get Away with Murder” and the now dearly departed “Scandal” are 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated WTF. Aside from their wild plot twists, these two dramas have something else … Continue reading TGIT’s Most Legendary Background Checks


Legislative Updates November 2018

Legislative Updates

Canada Grants Exemption for Background Screening Firms Under Bill 113 The Ontario government has confirmed the exemption to Section 12 of Bill 113 The Police Records Checks Reform Act, 2015, has been granted. This exemption covers third party agents and eliminates the need for sharing of the criminal record result with the applicant and obtaining consent … Continue reading Legislative Updates November 2018


5 Ways Candidates Try to Beat the System

5 Ways Job Candidates Try to Beat Background Checks

From drug testing to work history, some candidates really believe they can pull one over on potential employers and hide the unseemly elements of they’re past. News flash: they can’t! But here are the top 5 ways deceptive candidates try to game employers anyway. 1. They intentionally omit an unfavorable employment experience. Maybe they were … Continue reading 5 Ways Candidates Try to Beat the System


Drug Testing: By The Numbers

Employer Drug Screening

With America in the midst of an opioid crisis, and laws surrounding both the medical and recreational use of marijuana in a state of constant flux, let’s look at how our current landscape is shaping employer drug testing. Click here to download the PDF. Contact JDP to discuss a Customized Drug Screening Program!


Marijuana and Your Screening Policies

Marijuana Screening Policies

Nine states and the District of Columbia currently permit the recreational use of marijuana, and 30 states allow its use for medical purposes. Depending on where you are in the country, your employees may very well be within their legal rights to consume marijuana. But how does the law jibe with your organization’s specific policies … Continue reading Marijuana and Your Screening Policies


Labor Laws and Social Media

Social Media and Labor Laws

Whether through firsthand accounts or via the national news, we’ve all heard stories of someone who’s been booted from a job because they trash-talked their employer online. In today’s Internet-driven culture, it’s a pretty common occurrence, and you’d think that most in the workforce would know better. But it turns out, all negative online chatter … Continue reading Labor Laws and Social Media


8 Celebs Whose Social Media Wouldn’t Pass Our Screening

8 Celebs Whose Social Media Wouldn't Pass Our Screening

In today’s media landscape, people in the public eye rely heavily on social media to craft their images. But if they were normal, everyday folk, their “strategies” for cultivating an enthusiastic following probably wouldn’t go over so well with prospective employers. Here are the eight celebs who’d likely fail our social background screening. 1. Kim … Continue reading 8 Celebs Whose Social Media Wouldn’t Pass Our Screening


Why Everyone Wins in the Gig Economy

53 million American workers — more than one-third of the U.S. workforce1, are officially a part of the gig economy. Why? Because it works for them, and it works for your organization, too. Click here to download a PDF. Gig workers need background checks too – contact JDP to discuss your options!


What the Gig Economy Means for Procurement

Gig Economy

The gig economy, which is made up of the 53 million Americans who work on a contingent basis, is changing how both employees and employers view work. With companies like Lyft, Uber and GrubHub rethinking “work” as being focused more on outcomes, contingent employees — such as drivers — are running their own little “projects” … Continue reading What the Gig Economy Means for Procurement


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